Friday, June 10, 2011

I stink...

... at writing more than twice a year! Haha.. I have been soooo busy. I thought once school was out for the summer, my life would slow down a little but that is soooooo not the case. In its place I have a new job, mini vacays, friends to visit, family to fit in, and Dustin and the kids. I do love my life right now though. Among all of the other craziness, I have been trying to find time for the gym. I was doing pretty well up until about 2 wks ago when I hurt my knee. Turns out I have a Baker's Cyst in the back of my knee that causes pain and swelling. Good news is no surgery; Bad news is it can reoccur.  This can't keep me down though. I really want to lose this last 30 lbs that I have been talking about for 5 yrs now.

Even now typing that makes me feel like a HUGE failure.  The good news with failure though is that it forces you to learn new things. For instance, I know that I have a problem sticking with a weight loss/gym program for longer than 3 wks.  I like team sports more than lifting weights solo (BORING!).  In my photography, it took me wishing I had more opportunity for growth to finally get my website up and going and I have business cards now. I have a feeling my photo business will be on hold for a while with everything else going on in my life but I think this is an opportunity for me to perfect my skills and establish my art and style. 

I don't know if you have noticed with just the few words I have written thus far but I am also trying a new thing... well maybe it's not a new thing for me but I am bringing back the power of positivity. I am finding at least one good thing in every situation.  I call it "Look at the bright side."  I think this is hugely important because now that I am spending so much time with Dustin and his three kids, I am very aware of the effect of my words and actions.  I like to observe them and wonder where in the world did they hear that or see that exemplified. 

Just the other night, Dustin's two youngest were outside playing with him and I was relaxing on the couch with his oldest daughter, Rylee. She got up all of a sudden and said she wanted to go outside too and went to get her shoes. When she came back down and was putting them on she said, " Meggie, you know how you said your sister is your best friend? Well, I have decided you were right that sisters should be best friends." And then she told me her and her sister started laughing together the other night for no reason at all and it was so fun :)

This got me to thinking at how much I tell them intentionally and how much they get from just observing my actions and unintentional words.  My motto has always been, Live with intention but until I had those  little eyes on me all the time did I ever think how vitally important that actually is. So now I have been trying to voice a "bright side" to every situation. It has been working to decrease my own negativity too and has been helping me to take a step back and think before I react.

I am not perfect and still fall to quick irrational reactions but I am getting better:)