Monday, April 19, 2010


It really is amazing what can change in a month! A month ago, I posted how lonely and bored I was and after posting it and reading it a couple of times and praying about the things that needed changing in my life, I started doing something about it. I am SOOO busy now!

My schedule is getting a little ridiculous with small group, photo sessions, work, and trying to squeeze a bit of a social life in there!  Every weekend from now until the middle of May is busy with something! This coming weekend, I have water purification training for Honduras and the weekend after that is INSANE with Katie and Joe's wedding and Erica's baby shower!  I am hoping after that weekend it will calm down some and I can have Jasmine come up and go to the Zoo with me and have some girl time:) I can't wait!! Before I know it, June will be here and I'll be on my way to Honduras! Super excited!!!

Yes, my life has gotten crazy but this is what I prayed for and in one short month, God has filled my calendar with friends and family and I am loving every second!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It's official! I am in love with photography... all kinds...  and I had the best time at Kristen and David's wedding!  They are so in love and truly best friends and it is evident in every glance.  I had such a great time assisting at this wedding and felt privileged that they allowed me to add their photos to my portfolio. Enjoy!

 (this one is crying for my watermark)

Aren't they so cute? I thought so. Thank you Kristen and Dave for allowing me to be a part of your day:)

Friday, April 9, 2010


I have so many creative people in my life and I like to think I am one of them;) Today, I posted a simple plea for some help brainstorming names for my new photography business.. I have such a great facebook community of fun creative people and have thus far come up with some AMAZING prospects! I am super excited since I am really trying to dive head first into my art since all winter  I feel like I have been slowing dragging my heels for some reason.  I just figure God has a plan and I am trying to listen and follow obediently. 

Tomorrow, I am assisting another wedding photographer with my second wedding ever.  My first wedding was such a blast that I really want to go at it again. I was EXHAUSTED after the first full day of wedding photos but it was so worth it to realize that my "pretty pictures" have turned into such a passion for me.  I was just asked to assist yesterday so hopefully I will have permission to use these photographs in my marketing material and on here as well so everyone can get a glimpse at why I have been so excited.  I am always hesitant to post a picture unless I know that person well and know they won't care or unless I have their stated and sometimes written permission. As you can see, I have been a bit cowardly about the latter statement because you all have seen a lot of the same people.  I am hoping to change that soon!

And Sunday, we are kicking off our new small group at Morning Star Church for those of us who were Born In The Eighties (appropriately named B.I.T.E. by Alex, one of our awesomely creative members) with a kickball game. I thought that was fitting seeing as it is a "kick-off" event;) ... haha well anyway, it should be fun... and then after I am finished with that, I am going to my friend Ashleigh's new house to brainstorm some names for my business and hopefully start working on my new logo and watermark! YAY!!!

Well, I am off to bed for now. I am hoping this inspiration and motivation will continue through the next couple of months and catapult my new photography business into existence!

'night. 'night;)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Two posts in ONE DAY!!!

Crazy, I know! I am at work chillin' and waiting another hour to get off but I thought I would write more than just a little picture post today. I have finally signed up for an official class thanks to my parents and my birthday present! I am so excited because I will be getting a flash in the mail soon and my class starts in May. I need to start putting my portfolio together so I have something to show off when someone asks to see a sample of my work.  I have been learning so much from other photographers' blogs and photography websites. I can't believe the wealth of information I have gotten off the internet.

I also have a job interview with a local hospital in their wellness department in about a week.  I can't wait but I am nervous because its actually in my field and I haven't worked in my field for a year and a half now. All prayers are welcome because this will be a great opportunity for me. I am also looking within my current company as well. I need more money so I can pay off my debt and move into my own house. It is time for me to grow up and be an adult:) 

That's all for now. Nothing that awesome going on but my life is looking up:)

Sun is Shining and things are good...

Hello friends.. its been a little bit since I have updated this and so I am gonna take a little time and show you some new pictures I have taken recently. These are from a couple of weeks ago in Cape.  We have had some beautiful weather lately and so I have been in photo heaven!! This past weekend was Easter so my sister was in town. I love having her around even though she was grumpy most of the time:) 

Anyway, more updates and pictures to come....