Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Job, New Home

Well, I officially live back in St. Louis now. I started my new job on Monday and I can't say if I like it or not yet. Everyone is super helpful but I am doing the boring part of web-based training for the first week and haven't really observed anyone except for yesterday afternoon yet. I keep thinking, "You are making a lot of money to be sitting here on the computer learning all day so get over the boredom!" It is hard to go from a fast-paced environment like the bank to sitting in a room on a computer all day. I know once I get into doing what my job actually entails I will have less time to be bored but until then, boo!

I think another reason I am so frustrated is that I am really homesick and miss my Ryan. I never realized how much I look forward to him getting home and telling me about his crappy day at work and what all he has left to do for the semester and any other little fact he seems to remember for the day. This weekly separation is going to be much harder for me than it is for him because he has a million more things going on and he has Jasmine to look after. I just have myself. As soon as I get paid, I am going to get a membership to the gym so I can start getting myself in better shape so when I do get to see Ryan, I will blow him away! I want him to be amazed when he looks at me:)

Well, here are some pictures I have taken over the past couple of weeks of me and Jasmine and Ryan. I miss them ALOT! I can't wait for Friday to get here!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What a great day!

So nothing major happened today but it was a great day. My morning started off bad because I woke up and only had ten minutes before I had to be at work. I hate mornings like that. My body just didn't want to wake up. I spent four hours at work and then had off the rest of the afternoon:) I came home and ate some Jimmy John's and took a shower. Then, my sis came over and we watched a movie and then went out to dinner. She paid! Yay... I am slightly broke right now and so that made my day:) We had peach margaritas and steak. It was so yummy! Ryan joined us for the drinks after class and then we parted ways. I miss my sister lots and so every moment I get to spend time with her is cherished. Overall, it was a pretty good day.

I am trying to decide how I want to do my room at home when I move back. I was taking it over with Ryan in the car and he thinks that khaki walls will be too drab. He suggested a pale yellow or light blue. I like that idea but I also like the comfy look of khaki walls. I am also thinking of getting an inexpensive comforter that is maybe an olive green or chocolate brown. Any other ideas? I have always liked the look of light blue and chocolate but I also think yellow and brown would be pretty... HELP!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I can't believe today is already Easter! This year is flying by so fast! I am currently trying to enjoy the last of my beautiful weekend with Ryan sitting beside me doing homework. We had an amazing day today full of family fun. I woke up this morning to Ryan making homemade crepes with orange and blueberry cream inside.. I am so blessed to have a man who is an amazing cook! Then, we all got ready for church. Jasmine looked so cute in her Easter dress. It was off to church for us after that. Sat through a good sermon and kind of missed my home church a little. After church, we had his family over for a lunch of ham and bean soup and cornbread. I have to say we do know how to throw a party:) We had a great lunch with thought-provoking conversation (always a good thing) and after Ryan dropped Jasmine off at her momma's house we went to Wal-Mart to get out of the house for a bit.

Now, we are back at home relaxing and just enjoying each others' company. I can't believe in just two short weeks, I will be heading home right now to prepare for my first day at my new job! Yes, that's right, I got the job! I am now officially the Clinical Administration Coordinator for OptumHealth, which is a part of United Health Group. I am so excited about this new chapter starting in my life. It is slightly bittersweet but thank the Lord for giving me this amazing opportunity to start a career with a great company and for giving me the financial help I have been praying for! I feel like this is the path I am supposed to be traveling. I am moving back home with my parents for a little while so I can pay off some major debt I have gotten myself into these past few years. I am sad about leaving Cape but our apartment is, like Ryan said, too small for three people and two cats. So, Parker and I will be spending our weekdays in St. Louis and on the weekends I will be making the trip to Cape to visit my other half. I know that this will be a true test of our relationship, but maybe this is needed before we can truely begin our life together as a family. Jasmine will have the toughest time adjusting, I think, because her and I spend the most time together during the week due to Ryan's class schedules. She is my little buddy. This will be good for her to spend more time with her Sherry Grandma though.

I am stealing this little video clip off my cousin in law's blog because I thought it was so amazing. There is nothing sweeter than the song of a gifted child... in this case, a class full of gifted children singing Coldplay.