Saturday, November 21, 2009

Update time...

Its been a while since I have posted anything and so I thought I would get on here and give an update on my life... I don't have many readers but this is good for me to get it out it goes:)

Well, work is the same.. boring as always. I wish I had the resources and client base to my photography full time. I am still learning though. I wish I could go back to school for this. I have always known I love photography but I never considered it for a career until now. I love capturing something other people look at and say "wow!" :)

My love life is also the same... I long for someone to call mine and who wants to call me his.. I want someone who has chosen me to wrap their arms around me and look me in the eyes and without a word, I'll know I am never going to be alone again... I am living in a dream world though and life is not a fairy tale...

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