Monday, December 28, 2009

Hilarious Outtakes

I love this week's I♥Faces contest(, Hilarious Outtakes. I have so many photos of my favorite people that are crazy and silly and I am so happy to finally have a chance to use them! So this is my official entry in this week's contest...

My beautiful sister Kaitlyn acting her usual silly self on Christmas day in the snow...

One of my fun babysitting nights with Carly and her siblings... (things can get a little crazy)

Gracie has some of the cutest dimples I have ever seen!

Jasmine is one of my favorite little people. We always have an awesome time together and she loves making me laugh; which is why I love these next two pictures so much...

(i'm not sure what she is doing because I told her to look at me and smile and she came up with this pose on her own...haha that's why I love her)


  1. Cute shots! :) This week is so funny...I love the theme.

  2. That last one is SO typical of little girls - a little lift of the shoulder seems to be THE pose for them. It HAS been a fun week, hasn't it?! Great shots!

  3. I love that last one! I agree--so typical of little girls!