Sunday, July 19, 2009

Whirl wind trip

I am finally back from the East coast. Such an unexpected change of events while I was there. We left on Thursday and followed my parents in the car on the really really really long drive to Maryland. We arrived at my Uncle Sid's house around midnight and crashed. Friday morning, my pappy went into the emergency room and so we went there to see him. He was "smaller" and weaker than I had ever seen him. We spent some time with him and then had to leave to go to my cousin's wedding. Matthew and Heather were married and had one of the most unique ceremonies I had ever seen. Just lots of little personal touches made it a memorable occasion. On Saturday, we woke up and went to the hospital to see my pappy again. He was even more weak than on Friday. We hung out there for a while and visited with the numerous family members who came and went from the hospital. On Sunday, my sister and I woke up and left for Bethany Beach, DE. We spent Sunday in the hotel room recovering from the crazy weekend. Monday and Tuesday we went to the beach and to the pool. What a great sister trip. We needed it.

On Tuesday, we received the call that my pappy was gone. He is now dancing in heaven with my grandma. He is no longer in pain. It is so strange to miss someone but be happy they are gone for their own good. I love my grandparents and feel a huge absence in my life now that they are in heaven but I know they are happy and waiting for the day the rest of us join them. They weren't perfect but they lived their life for God and taught our family how to be good people. I come from a long line of great people.

I think that is why it has been so hard for me to find a great man.. because I have such great examples of men that I have a hard time finding a great man to measure up. I don't need a perfect man but I do want a man who is a man. I had such a great time this past week despite the bad circumstances. I don't get the opportunity to spend time with my family very often so when I get to see them twice in the same week, I savor it.

I will end this with some pictures from my trip...

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