Monday, April 19, 2010


It really is amazing what can change in a month! A month ago, I posted how lonely and bored I was and after posting it and reading it a couple of times and praying about the things that needed changing in my life, I started doing something about it. I am SOOO busy now!

My schedule is getting a little ridiculous with small group, photo sessions, work, and trying to squeeze a bit of a social life in there!  Every weekend from now until the middle of May is busy with something! This coming weekend, I have water purification training for Honduras and the weekend after that is INSANE with Katie and Joe's wedding and Erica's baby shower!  I am hoping after that weekend it will calm down some and I can have Jasmine come up and go to the Zoo with me and have some girl time:) I can't wait!! Before I know it, June will be here and I'll be on my way to Honduras! Super excited!!!

Yes, my life has gotten crazy but this is what I prayed for and in one short month, God has filled my calendar with friends and family and I am loving every second!

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